Clean, safe and secure environment for holistic child development.

Experiential learning with hands-on experience using audio-visual aids.

Career counselling and guidance provided by trained and experienced staff and Principal for future career plans.

Focus on communication skills and preparing them with life skills for the cut-throat competition in the outside world.

Our school is under the BaLA (Building as a Learning Aid) scheme, a very innovative concept in the teaching-learning process where the entire physical space and building are used as a resource for learning both inside and outside.

Beautifully landscaped green campus with a stimulating ambience for the children to bloom and blossom in a happy environment.


The mission of the school is to provide the right inputs to help the children grow up into caring & sharing individuals, equipped to make the right choices in life and grow up to be responsible citizens of the country and of the world….


Einstein Public School provides a learning environment that encourages every child to achieve his/her potential. We believe that given a holistic, value based education; children grow up to be sensitive adults who not only strive for excellence, but contribute to the society as well.

Glorious History

Einstein Public School is striving to be one of the prestigious schools in India. Founded as a public school in 2006, in Lalganj Ajhara, in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, it is a rural centric, service oriented institution run by Shanti Devi Manav Vikas Sansthan…


The foundation stone of Einstein Public School, Lalganj, was laid on 04.09.2006 under the visionary leadership and guidance of Shri Bhagwat Prasad Shukla (Babuji). The selfless service of Babuji for the social, economic and educational upliftment of rural areas will always be inspirational and a guiding force to the EPS family. The school was started with the vision to fulfill the need for quality education for the students in this part of rural India and act as a catalyst for strengthening and enriching the socio-cultural and social-economic foundation of rural India.

The seed that was sown by the founders is now bearing glorious fruit, being dispersed far and wide. A little sapling has gently unfolded itself and will soon see the light of day in the form of our new branch in Pratapgarh city. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, and it’s our sincere endeavour to spread this light of knowledge by awakening, illuminating and igniting minds towards myriad avenues that are available.

Our new school situated in Pratapgarh City has a promise to keep, a promise to the people of this area to provide them with world-class education; offering them an innovative learning environment and to meet the needs of those who seek holistic education not only for making a career for themselves or earn a living but also for a life with its intricacies and challenges. We are committed to providing education for the academic, social and moral development of children under our care. We employ blended learning programmes that incorporate the latest technology to match the instructional content and deliver matchless learning outcomes to the unique interests of each child. We sincerely strive to carry forward the legacy of our founders and fulfill the dreams and aspirations of young minds.


Transport System

EPS has a robust Transport system in place which takes immense care for the security and safety of the children. The well  maintained buses & other vehicles along with the trained drivers catering to a radius of 25 km form a congenial, stress-free and happy commuting time for the children.





The Laboratories

All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.
_Martin H.Fischer

The well equipped school laboratories allow students to get a first- hand learning experience by performing experiments on their own thereby enhancing mastery of science subject matter and developing reasoning and practical skills.

Our Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs built in accordance with the student requirements are sure to develop deep thinking on the concepts and theories in the textbooks.

The Library

‘The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the Library.’
_ Albert Einstein

Libraries store the energy that fuels imagination, opening windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve. Our school has a well stocked library with a vast collection of books to inculcate the habit of reading among children.

Kids Play Area

If you want your kids to grow genius read them a lot of fairy tales.
–Albert Einstein

We have big reason to smile. Yes, we are creating a land of fairy tales for our little children. Our Kids Play Area designed aesthetically, skillfully and creatively for our angels to bloom and blossom their full talents in a friendly and playway manner.It will infuse them with abilities to think and encourage peer learning in an informal way. Each and every child will benefit from the activities designed and initiated by skilled staff who act as facilitators.

Building interpersonal skills, teamwork and social skills are the learning outcomes hard to measure.

Sports and Games

The world is a playground. Somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.
_ Allison

Sports and games are an integral part of the school curriculum. They teach us character and to play by the rules.

‘You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through the study of Gita’ said Swami Vivekananda.

At EPS we aim to develop an all round personality by inculcating a culture of sports and sportsmanship. Our sprawling campus with play grounds for Football, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Throwball, Volleyball and other games are second to none in splendour & beauty.

Our Computer Labs

Students need to embrace the technological advancements of the present day needs. Technology has become an integral part of the education system and studies cannot be imagined without internet and computers. Our well equipped & modern labs make learning seamless and efficient for the EPS students and provide them with all the support needed.

The BaLA (Building as a Learning Aid) Scheme

School is not merely a structure or building made of brick and mortar or an assembly of children and teachers. It is a very special place for children to shape their thoughts, ponder, question and share experiences.BaLA is an innovative concept towards the qualitative enhancement by using the physical space and helping them to explore and innovate the uniqueness in a creative manner.

The classrooms, corridors, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, furniture and playgrounds are designed to create self learning situations.

Broadening Horizons
through International Experiences

We intend to provide and promote a world- wide exposure to our students to enrich and diversify their reach. We envisage multidimensional learning through opening wider avenues and gaining valuable experiences, spreading their wings to broaden their horizons and be a part of the global community. In the pipeline are International collaborative programmes which will lead to development of soft skills, leadership, problem- solving, teamwork, adaptability and critical thinking.

Music, Dance and Art Education

We understand the need to integrate Art , Music and Dance in the formal schooling system and we pay adequate attention towards its intricacies and detail. They inspire students to excel in and out of classroom, increases motivation and improves academic performance leading to overall development , sowing seeds of innovation and creativity.



      Einstein Public School

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