Admission Process

How to reach the school? / (Where is the school located?)

The school is in Pratapgarh City near Teunga Bazar, Pratapgarh, on the Pratapgarh-Lucknow highway. It’s approximately 4 km from the Bus Station and 6 km from the Pratapgarh railway station on the Pratapgarh-Lucknow Marg.

Will the school be running transport for the students?

Yes, the school will provide safe and comfortable transport from all directions at affordable transport fees.

What is the process for admission to your School? / (What is the admission process?)

Thanks for showing interest in admission to the school. For admission, you need to fill an application and submit all the required documents with it. Students other than Kindergarten may be called for interaction before admission. Forms are available on our website.
Please check the school website www.epspratapgarh.com for detailed information.

What curriculum does the school have? / To which Board the School is affiliated?

The Einstein Public School is CBSE affiliated School, and it follows the CBSE norms, standards, and pedagogy.

How does parent-teacher interaction take place?

There are various methods of communication- online, as well as, through telephone and physical interaction during school PTMs and other general events. We also have the Parent-Teacher Committee and School Management Committee, which has a representation of parents as well.

What kind of entrance test will be taken at the time of admission?

The test is based upon the knowledge acquired by the child in the previously passed class in major subjects like Mathematics, Science and Language.

What are the school timings?

It varies according to the season. General timings are from 07:30 am to 02:30 pm.

Does the school cater for the kids with special needs?

Yes, we do, depending upon the kind of disability the child is suffering from.

Whom do I contact for admission?

The contact details are given in the contact link of the school website. However, for any information, please call 8188835001 or 8188835002

What is the fee criterion?

Details are available on the website under admission link. For further information, kindly contact the given numbers.

What are the documents required at the time of admission?

Birth Certificate /Transfer Certificate, photocopy of Aadhaar Card and two passport-size photographs are required. 

What are the age criteria?

It depends upon the class in which the candidate is seeking admission. Usually, admission to Play way begins at the age of three.

Up to which class will you take admission in the current year?

We will take admission only till class 8th in the session 2022-23. For further details please call at 8188835001 or 8188835002


What are the modes of transport offered?

School buses and other LMVs ply depending upon the number of students on a particular route.

Uniform & Stationery

Will uniforms and textbooks be provided by the school?

EPS has a specific uniform for girls and boys separately which is white and grey. We also have House Uniforms of four colours. Our Houses are known as Dhruv, Nachiketa, Eklavya and Prahlad.
It shall be informed to you during the admission time.

Teaching staff & Teaching Quality

How do you ensure the quality of the principal & teachers?

We recruit teachers after detailed tests -written, interview and demo classes, to assess their competence and skills. Teachers in EPS are drawn from various places and boast to be the best.

What kind of remedial classes will be provided for students who are not able to cope?

We run special SIP classes and pre-school and post-school remedial classes for slow learners. 


What are the facilities available in your school?

The school is wi-fi enabled, equipped with all the modern facilities with a lush green campus, well-ventilated classroom, science labs, computer labs with the provision of web-based learning programs, library, a large playground with sports facilities, smart boards, auditorium, CCTV, water purifiers/ROs and spacious and hygienic lavatories/washrooms.

Does the school have a hostel for students?

Yes, EPS Lalganj has the boarding facility, however, our branch at Pratapgarh is a day boarding school as of now.

Does the school have adequate medical facilities?

Yes, we have well equipped infirmary with a nurse or attendant. We also have term- wise medical check-ups.

Are meals provided in the school?

As of now, no meals are provided. Students are advised to bring their own packed food.

What is the child safety measures that the school takes?

The school is equipped with CCTV all around. Safe and soft padded play areas are there for little children who are mostly accompanied by teachers or attendants.

What will be the maximum strength of the class? What will be the ratio between the teacher and taught?

The maximum number will be 30. The teacher-taught ratio will be 1:15.