How Playful Methods of Learning can help in the Holistic Growth of Children

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Playfulness is the key to our adaptation and evolution. It is man’s inherent nature.
A Playful approach to learning is a fantastic way to confidence building, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking in a truly effortless and fun-filled manner. It facilitates in creating spaces for pure positivity, colourful imagination and deep exploration. Paving the way to creativity and cheerful pursuits of learning brings satisfaction, well-being and overall growth to the child.

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ – Einstein

A playful mindset to learning connects information gathered to multiple dimensions of learning. It is this playful wonderment that drives children’s desire to learn and understand and the secret to inquisitive findings.

Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do; play is whatever a body is not obliged to do. We get more out of life itself, empowering ourselves to be flexible and free-spirited.

Amongst all the other forms of playful approaches to learning it is story-telling that is the oldest and most important. It processes the information in more ways than one can imagine. Fantasy plays, role plays, and dramas are modified storytelling forms that impact young minds and unlock their hidden potential.
Little children explore the world around them on their own and learn new things about themselves and their surroundings even before being trained. It is the natural playful instinct that makes them learn to share, care, negotiate and develop social skills. Play contributes to being a joyful and well-rounded personality.
Though the play is spontaneous and natural, planned and guided play fills the gap very well.
Drawing, colouring and painting are creative and emotional expressions of joys and sorrows, enhancing a child’s experience.
Field trips, Museum visits, Picnics and Educational Excursions are all examples of playful approaches to learning where learning is spontaneous, easy and effortless.
Prioritizing fun activities and play leads to learning which evolves inevitably and naturally. The modus operandi of imparting knowledge with an element of fun can give wings to their imaginative ability. It not only improves their knowledge but also their emotional development and can be customized according to individual needs.
Children are at their best when at play. Whether they are outdoors or indoors, engaged in self or group play, they are their true selves. It provides them opportunities that lead them to find their future interests and career choices.

The benefits of the Playful Approach to learning are numerous:

  • Health and fitness are a natural outcome of the stress-free and playful approach.
  • Easy and Effortless learning flows naturally, as it becomes a joyful and entertaining activity.
  • Social skills are learnt well during play. Making friends, meeting people, overcoming shyness and timidity and being a team player boosts their morale.
  • When learning is dictated by student interests, curiosity, and experimentation, the results are tremendously different and are amazingly delightful.
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