How to remain a Lifelong Learner

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The commonly held idea about learning is that it is for children. We go to a school for learning, then join a College or University, earn a Master’s degree, find a job, and consider ourselves done with learning.
‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in school.’ – Albert Einstein
Not all learning comes from the classroom. The self-initiated study, socialization, travelling and learning new skills all are ways of adding to your knowledge. Whether pursuing personal interests and passions or chasing professional goals, remaining a lifelong learner is always beneficial and helps us achieve fulfilment and satisfaction that none can give.
In today’s fast-paced world where Computers, Artificial Intelligence and Robots are getting smarter and more capable, we humans need to do the same to stay relevant.
To be agile in mind and body, to cope with the challenges of the future and nonetheless for our own ‘ feel good’ factor and overall wellbeing and happiness we need to remain lifelong learners.
One who keeps learning, one who strives to learn, unlearn and relearn never grows old. He remains in a state of never-ending awe and wonderment, which surrounds him, enhancing his love for life and its uniqueness.

To create your own personal brand and make life meaningful, lifelong learning is a must. Never does a lifelong learner sink into depression even in the toughest of times. The little cravings to learn a new skill or technology, to learn cooking, to find time for a new sport or activity, a passion to know a new language and many more make the world fascinating. Each morning you wake up binds you to this mortal world for the sake of this new learning which is a joy forever.
It improves the quality of your own life, increases your self-worth, and adds value not only in terms of money but in terms of the wealth of immense contentment and enrichment of life.

7 – Ways of becoming lifelong learners:
1) Cultivate the habit of Reading daily.
It opens up new horizons, trains your brain, connects you with great minds and makes you live in a different world where you give vent to your joys and sorrows.
2) Seeking opportunities to grow
Lying on a couch and watching TV will not lead to growth; neither personal nor professional. Arise and awaken yourself to the world of growth and opportunities through seeking to learn.
3) Work on your health & fitness.
A healthy body is the basis of any dynamic or creative activity. It is the best asset one can have. Eat healthy, live healthy to create a happy life.
4) Join the Dots
Each dot is an event or a skill which helps you learn and tide through the challenges of this competitive world. Look for these dots and fill the gaps.
5) It’s Never too Late to Start
Leave your comfort zone, come out of the shell you have created for yourself for your own sake. The whole Universe is your field of action.x
6) Inspire & Infect others around
Yes, learning is infectious, just like laughter or a smile! People around you get inspired, and an incredible environment of positivity is created where learning thrives and flourishes.
7) Make a commitment to yourself
Half-hearted efforts will never satisfy your cravings to learn. A high-level commitment and dedication will make learning truly joyous.

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